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About OCAS

As L.A.‘s premier professional acting program, OCAS is dedicated to empowering, challenging, and molding actors into free-thinking working professionals.

We offer monthly à la carte classes that give actors the opportunity to create the curriculum that works best for their artistic journey.

If students want to learn how to create vivid characters while working on their voice and movement skills, they can take Scene Study I and Movement for a few months, then Scene Study II and Voice for a few more. If students need help breaking down TV & Film sides quicker to match the demands of pilot season, they can sign-up for Script Analysis and drop-in to any of our three TV & Film Audition classes.

For students in need of more foundational training, we have structured an 18 month acting program designed to teach a creative process that guides actors toward embracing their humanity and using it as a bridge to any character in service to any story.

What makes us most proud of our training at Open City, is that we offer tools for professional and personal growth. We recognize that acting is not a replacement for therapy. We have a database of therapists to help students deal with past traumas. For students feeling worn down by the business and in search of agency, we have a psychology of acting course called Thrive. For students in need of flexibility to train on the go, we have online courses such as Self Tape and Commercial Acting. In addition, we continuously collaborate with our faculty members to craft the best curriculum to match our student’s needs.

Unlike other acting schools in Los Angeles, we pride ourselves in truthfully offering students the tools they need to grow. We are not dogmatic in our approach. Here we teach acting classes rooted in Meisner, workshops covering sensory/emotional preparation, and soon the Susan Batson technique just to name a few.

We don’t make students believe that they can become great actors by simply showing up to an audition “prepared” to play themselves. We empower them with the tools to truthfully play any character.

At Open City Acting Studio, we give students the opportunity to flourish and grow their acting skills. Our instructors can assist with many forms of acting, such as movement, getting into character, and soliciting an emotional response.

As the premier acting school in Los Angeles, Open City Acting Studio works with students to develop skills while working or those trying to break into the industry. Our programs are designed with you in mind and offer flexibility through options from everything from our full 2 year program to some of our amazing 6-week workshops.

Get one-on-one coaching and valuable acting tools when you choose Open City Acting Studio. Our mission is to help students cultivate their craft and feel confident going for auditions and delivering once they get the job.

At Open City Acting Studio, our seasoned coaches work with students on a variety of acting methods to improve their skills. From developing a more profound movement in acting to connecting emotionally with their characters, we give students the tools they need to go after any role confidently.

As the top school in Los Angeles for acting classes, Open City Acting Studio provides several ways to fit acting school into your busy schedule.

Located at 6440 Santa Monica Blvd in Los Angeles, CA, Open City Acting Studio offers the insights, tools, and coaching our students need to see. We give one-on-one coaching, along with fundamental courses on acting that are guaranteed to boost your confidence while honing your skills.

If you’ve been searching for a Los Angeles acting school that offers in-depth classes to nurture your acting skills, look no further than Open City Acting Studio. Our acting program will teach students the fundamentals, along with scene study, Meisner acting, voice and movement, and much more. Sign up to Audit a Class today for free to get a feel for our teaching style.


OPEN CITY ACTING STUDIO is fiscally sponsored by Creative Visions, a 501c3 nonprofit organization that supports creative activists, those that use the arts and media to ignite social change.