You’ve just picked up the script, now what? As actors, our first responsibility is to tell the story; to communicate, create art– but how? Where and how do we begin? The process can be overwhelming and often the end result is panic, then falling back into the age old trap of giving “meaning” to lines, and “selling” some part of ourselves; charm, looks, etc. and completely abandoning the story and written character. This approach generally leads to a grinding halt, dead ends, despair, and a lack of any real satisfaction, not only in the artist but the in the audience as well. If we as actors aren’t going to create a breathing living human person to communicate the author’s story, we would all just be better off reading the script. Within this class, students will learn to deconstruct and assimilate the fundamental parts of story–defining, identifying and internalize basic story elements: character, circumstance, conflict/dilemma, crisis, climax and conclusion developing a process for mapping the character’s dramatic journey.

Duration: 2 hours each class.

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