Caitlin Rigney

Movement III

The arc of the movement curriculum has been designed to release the constrictions of the actors instrument and to free the actors emotional life. The specific technique that was explored in the first year of the training was The Williamson Technique. The advanced exploration of this work will be articulated in the first half of this year with the additional components of expansive and dramatic gesture, composition, and physical choices. Inhabiting the physical instrument in the arena of alignment, openness and full physical expression are expected at this point in the actors process. The goal is to use all of our previous vocabulary and physical training to create a forum that allows for the actor to receive a deep and expansive physical weekly workout. This will allow the actors instrument to remain open, expansive, precise, and effortlessly improvisational; while developing a sense of mastery in terms of the physical instrument, the freedom and flexibility of the voice and physical life, and working with an emotional quality.


Duration: 2.5 hours each class.

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