Open City Acting Studio

On-Going Workouts

Our workshops are structured to give you more flexibility to work and train. A la carte workouts cost as low as $260/month – or sign up for any 3 classes for only $720. Within these classes, enjoy the opportunity to create a training curriculum that works best for you and your journey!”

                 Monday Scene Study

Instructor: Victor Villar-Hauser 

Commitment: Workouts on Mondays at 6pm

Description: A 6 week character development/scene study course designed to serve as an on going gym for the working actor. Through the rigors of scene work, students will fortify the tools necessary for creating vivid behavior that illuminates character in service of story. Through continued practice, students will mold a process for working that is unique to their instrument.

Cost: $360 for 6 weeks

                Tuesday Scene Study

Instructor: Carlton Byrd

Commitment: Workouts on Tuesdays at 6pm 

Description: The open format of this class will help you get acquainted on a granular level with how YOU work! Bring a monologue! Get a scene partner and work a scene! Work on an audition! Get given a scene to work on cold in class! They’ll be no reason not to work every class and therefore strive to get familiar with your process and how you craft. Your instructor will have scenes ready to give you even if you have no idea what you want to work on – material and partner will be made available till you find your feet.

Cost: $260 for 4 weeks

                 Movement for Everybody 

Instructor: Caitlin Rigney

Commitment: Workouts on Mondays, 9:30-11:30am

Description: Movement For Everyone is an all-level movement class for all bodies. This class will focus on physical freedom, release, creativity and human to human connection. The class will be rooted in a multi-disciplinary approach, and Caitlin is trained in a variety of creative techniques. Movement For Everyone aims to encourage an environment where everybody can access a free, strong, and flexible physical instrument through creative movement, play, music, and simple contact exercises. Come to strengthen your artistic physical practice, crack open your creativity, become more present in your body, or simply for a good time.

Cost: $260 for 4 weeks

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