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Professional Acting Conservatory (online)

Conservatory Commencement September 14, 2020

Our professional program pairs Meisner with our Core Training Courses to create a curriculum that helps our students become the best actors they can be from the comfort of home. Students have access to recorded course archives while enrolled in the program and receive weekly assignments to continue training offline. Take advantage of the best online acting conservatory the industry has to offer from anywhere in the world! Have a day job? Not a problem. With classes that meet no more than 14 hours a week, and select courses available to view through our archives, you can finally get the acting training you’ve always wanted anywhere any time.

Full Professional Program: $2,200/ 12 weeks


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Starting: September 14, 2020

Caitlin Rigney’s all-level movement class for all bodies, focuses on physical freedom, release, creativity and human-to- human connection. Join to strengthen your artistic physical practice, crack open your creativity, become more present in your body, or simply for a good time! Rooted in a multi-disciplinary approach, Caitlin creates a supportive environment where everybody can access a free, strong and flexible physical instrument, through movement, play, music, and simple contact exercises.

Schedule: Mondays 9am-11 am PST

Starting: September 15, 2020

Begin your journey into deep listening and working on the fundamentals of acting in a rock solid way. By studying the Meisner Technique enables you to take a script and know how to bring yourself to it fully, working in service to its needs. By taking this two year training online, you can more quickly wield your craft versus the intermittent on and off of doing workshops and six week classes over the course of many more years. As actual in-the-room contact is essential, pairing with another actor on your end will allow the class to function in ‘pods’. These ‘pods’ will help you make the most of your training experience while giving you an added layer of support during the process.

Schedule: Tuesdays and Fridays 9am-12pm PST

Starting: September 16, 2020

These are strange times and we could all use a little extra support. This 90 minute class is an integrated warmup of your voice, body, and spirit. Our class will start with a guided meditation, flow into movement practices, and culminate in an integrated Fitzmaurice vocal warm up. Classes will combine Fitzmaurice voice work with principles of Somatic Experiencing. While keeping true to a traditional Fitzmaurice warm up by exploring exercises for opening the breath through destructuring poses and strengthening the voice through restructuring, I will introduce new ways of experiencing both. Most importantly, we will be staying with our humanity, breathing deeper into our vulnerability, and letting ourselves be present, seen, and truly heard.

Schedule: Wednesdays 9:30am-11:30am PST

Starting: October 1, 2020

Commercial Acting at Open City Studio tackles every necessary thing you need to know for your next commercial audition. Can I book a job quickly if I’m just starting out? What things can I do on set to ensure a future job? What’s the one thing I need to do in the callback to book? What are the three different kinds of commercials that create the three different kinds of auditions? How do I find an agent?

There are absolute and practicable rules about commercial acting and script analysis that will help you book a national commercial. You can work fearlessly, and truly enjoy every audition. The commercial class at Open City Studio will show you how.

Commercial Acting is taught by Bill Coelius, a working actor for over 15 years and counting. Bill has booked over 50 national commercials, worked with Ang Lee, and has appeared on many tv shows including The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Criminal Minds, Parks and Rec, Modern Family, The Office, Desperate Housewives and many others, including American Horror Story: Hotel, where his throat was slashed by Lady Gaga, a career highlight so far.

Schedule: Thursday 9:00am-11:00am PST (4 weeks only) 

Starting: October 3, 2020

Feeling worn down mentally by the business of acting and want to maximize your booking potential? Enroll and reclaim your artistic power! This is a unique class that NO other acting studio offers – one that will be interactive with Dr. Nick Holton to help guide you on your artistic journey and to unlock your unique potential.

Note: The following courses will be recorded and available to stream for up to one week.

Schedule: Saturday 9:00am-11:00am PST ( 10 weeks) 

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