Dialects Professor

Jamison is a Los Angeles native. She has a BA in Communication Sciences and Disorders (Speech and Hearing) with an emphasis in Linguistics and Descriptive Phonetics. She has studied acting at Will Gear Theatre Botanicum (Topanga, Ca) and Stella Adler (NYC) and is a member of the Duke University Press American Dialect Society.
Her specialties include: American regional dialects (Standard American, Boston, California, New York, Midwest, New England, Texas, Louisiana, etc); international accents and dialects (Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, United Kingdom, Canada, Ireland, France, Germany, Italy, Russia, Mexico, Spain, Iran, Serbia, India, Japan, etc.); accent modification for the English language; vocal coaching for diction and articulation; vocal abnormalities and speech disfluency replication; vocal accuracy for character impressions; and verbal delivery, body language and connecting with an audience for public speaking.
Jamison works with actors, business professionals, and anyone that would like to improve their speech,
whether it be conversationally or for public speaking.