Voiceover Professor

I’m Rick Wasserman and I’ve been a successful voiceover actor and performing arts instructor for decades. I am Director and Lead Educator for the popular California-based voiceover training company, BOOKABLE Voiceover. Most recently, I taught voiceover master classes at Case Western Reserve University, University of Connecticut, and University of Missouri-Kansas City. I facilitate voiceover workshops for SAG-AFTRA and many independent voiceover organizations across the country. I have a particular passion for bringing voiceover training to performing arts students. They are already learning the fundamentals of storytelling in school, and I teach how to apply them to the craft of voiceover before they graduate and head out into the “real” world. Graduates would much rather earn an income recording voiceovers (utilizing the tools they just spent their time and money on in school) while waiting for their “big break” in the industry. I share everything I know from two decades of voiceover acting, from developing and applying a process, to teaching the technical demands of sound recording, to understanding the business of voiceover - including unions, representation, contracts and demos, to establishing reasonable expectations and navigating one’s career. My work with performing arts students is dedicated to cultivating practical and replicable skills that can be applied immediately in the professional world. My methodology is drawn from the fact that I am unique among most voiceover educators because I “walk the walk”; I record voiceovers for national and international broadcast media nearly every day. My curriculum is rooted in the notion that voiceover is an “art”; it is storytelling and far more than just “orating” or “reading”. When we perform in front of the microphone, it is voice “acting”. I have translated the actor’s process into one that works specifically for the world of voiceover, thus making acting programs and conservatories the most obvious and effective place to teach this craft. My teaching message is simple: armed with an actor’s process, a strong sense of self, and ample creativity, most performing arts students can perform rich, specific voiceover (and earn a few dollars to boot!)