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Voiceover I: Foundations (12 Weeks)

Instructor: Rick Wasserman

Description: The craft of voiceover is not only a practical application of the storytelling you are learning in parallel classes, but it remains one of the only safe means of earning a living wage during the pandemic. Throughout this first part of the course, topics will include defining “voiceover” and the difference between your “voice” and your “read”, learning VO vocabulary used by the industry, and exploring all areas of the voiceover such as animation, narration, audiobooks, etc. We will discuss the necessity of VO training and what you can do right now to become a more successful voiceover actor. We will explore warmups for work behind the microphone and the importance of selecting and performing universal actions. Focusing on commercial work, we will learn the three phases of successful voiceover with an emphasis on developing your personal process, a life-long tool that ensures you deliver the richest, most specific, you-centric story possible.

Ideal For: Students looking to quit their day jobs, maximize their earning potential, and start working fulltime as an actor from the comfort of home.

Commitment: $360/month for 12 weeks

Voiceover II: Applications (12 Weeks)

Instructor: Rick Wasserman

Description: In the second part of this course, we will apply the skills acquired from the first part, touching on each of the areas of voiceover: promo, trailer, video games, animation, live announce, radio branding & TV affiliates, audiobooks, industrial and more. With an eye toward utilizing your voiceover abilities to earn an income, we will explore creating your home studio, compiling your “specs” in aid of creating your voiceover demos, and preparing to meet and impress agents and managers. Discussions will also include union vs. non-union work, methods of recording, booth etiquette, “dancing” with the mic, and work ethic. We will also get comfortable with editing and delivering auditions and bookings.

Ideal For: Students looking to quit their day jobs, maximize their earning potential, and start working fulltime as an actor from the comfort of home.

Commitment: $360/month for 12 weeks.


Private Audition Coaching

Work one-on-one with Creative Director Alani iLongwe or any of our wonderful coaches on your next audition!

Whether you are in need of voice over training, character development, dialect coaching, or preparation for a producer session, we can help you make the most out of your next opportunity to book!

Once you’ve booked, continue working with the coach of your choice on set or in the booth.

Whatever your needs we are in service to you.

Commitment: Starts at $125/hour

Small Group Career Coaching

THRIVE: The Psychology of Acting & Career Coaching

Instructor: Dr. Nick Holton

Description: Feeling worn down mentally by the business of acting and want to maximize your booking potential? Enroll and reclaim your artistic power! This is a unique class that NO other acting studio offers – one that will be interactive with Dr. Nick Holton to help guide you on your artistic journey and to unlock your unique potential.

Commitment: $260/month for 10 weeks. 

One-on-One Career Coaching

Work one-on-one with Creative Director Alani iLongwe to craft actionable steps toward the career of your dreams!

Commmitment: $125 for the hour

The Open City Town Hall

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Meet co-founder Alani iLongwe in a FREE CLASSROOM SETTING.

OCAS’ Town Halls occur every Thursday at 1PM.

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Thank you for inquiring about our studio and the opportunity to audit a class. I would like to extend an invitation to our upcoming Open City Town Hall occurring every other Thursday @ 1pm PST. At the Town Hall, you will have an opportunity to take class with other potential students and receive answers to your most pressing questions. The Town Hall will run for 75 minutes via Zoom.

Preparation for the class is easy. I only ask that you bring a pencil, paper, and anything you’ve ever wanted to know about how to advance your career.

Once in class, if you’re open, we will work together to change the way you approach acting, auditions, and crafting for the better.

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