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So, you want to learn how to become an actor? Whether you are interested in pursuing an acting career, or you are merely interested in learning as an amateur, acting classes can be a fantastic, life-changing experience. Acting lessons can help you perfect your technique, and they can help with confidence, posture, and vocal clarity. If you’re interested in signing up for acting classes but are unsure whether it’s something you can afford, this article will help you decide which type of classes will be the most affordable for your budget.

Vocational Training Programs

Let’s begin by looking at the overall cost of some of the world’s most reputable drama training programs to determine the rough cost of a vocational acting course.

4-year BFAs 

  • Boston University – $218,880
  • Juilliard BFA – $189,480
  • University of Northern Iowa – $35,752
  • Brigham Young University Provo – $23,160

Other Degrees

  • American Academy of Dramatic Arts 2-year Associate’s Degree – $55,285
  • Yale University 2-year MFA- $65,600

In most cases, attending a university in your state will be cheaper than moving states. Be sure to compare the in-state fees with the out-of-state fees. Also, be careful to check application fees, as some schools charge extra for the audition process. 

If these prices look a little scary, don’t panic. Most institutions have excellent financial aid programs and will be able to provide support for students who are unable to afford the tuition in full. 

Acting Classes

If you are looking for a more focused program, you may wish to enroll in a 2 year program, 6 week workshop, weekly acting classes or simply hire a private coach. And if you’re worried about how much a private acting coach might cost, there are affordable options in that space as well.

Weekly Acting Classes and Short Courses

Short courses are great for actors who need to refresh their skills, or for people who are new to acting. The cost of these classes can range from a few dollars per class to a few thousand dollars per course. Decide on how serious you are about the course to decide whether the tuition fee is worth it for you.

Open City Acting Studio offers acting classes in Los Angeles for both working actors and aspiring actors to hone their skills.

Private Coaching

Again, private acting coaching can range hugely in price. For instance, if you’re looking for a private coach for your child, you may be charged around $50 per session, whereas professional actors can pay up to $300 for private coaching. The average price for a private coach is around $100.

Final Thoughts

When considering how much acting classes cost, keep in mind that professional, quality training to be an actor is not cheap. Popular schools will likely be more expensive, as their courses are likely to be as well. Acting also comes with a range of other expenses to consider, such as headshots, showreels, and taking time out of work for auditions and classes. If you are serious about pursuing acting as a career, consider your tuition fees as an investment – to maximize your potential and be the best actor you can be, you will need to commit to an excellent training program. Schedule a time to audit a class at Open City Acting Studio today and find out why our students are landing roles in Hollywood consistently.

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