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Acting Classes

Open City Acting Studio offers the following key acting classes as part of our On Camera Acting Essentials core program. Select one classes to work on a specific area or work you way through them all to improve your techniques as an actor.

intro TV, Film, & Script Analysis Technique

INSTRUCTOR: Alani iLongwe

Dates: Saturdays from 12am – 2pm PST starting September 4th

Become confident in your ability to break down a script from audition to booking by gaining an understanding for the foundational tools needed to become an autonomous creative casting directors and filmmakers can trust! Over the course of 8-weeks, you will learn how to become a script detective and to “craft” dynamic choices that will get you noticed within your work. Each week your instructor will guide you step-by-step through the artistic process beginning with the “pre-read audition” leading up to your first day “on set”. Students are responsible for coming to class having completed all homework assignments.

Each class will meet BOTH in-person for those in Los Angeles and virtually via Zoom for those outside of the city.

Ideal For: Actors who have had difficulty breaking down scripts in the past, those who have yet to consistently book a recurring guest star role for a major television network, and actors who have yet to book a leading role in a major motion picture.

Commitment: 8 classes for $520 total.

Ongoing TV, Film & The Active Imagination

TV Film Acting Classes | Audition Techniques

INSTRUCTOR: Alani iLongwe

Dates: Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays from 6-8pm PST starting September 7th

Description: Rooted in storytelling derived from a revolutionary combination of Meisner and Method Acting techniques, receive a solid and practical way of breaking down material, personalizing any given circumstance, and sharing your light with the world. With this essentials acting course, become confident in your ability to prepare for every “audition” as if it were the booking and to build lasting relationships with casting directors. This class will be structured to mirror real-world self-taping/audition scenarios. Students will receive audition sides via email 2-3 days before their scheduled class. It will then be their duty to use the skills learned in class to record their auditions and submit them back to “casting” (their instructor) by the designated time. Audition tapes received by the deadline will be reviewed in the class where notes will be given toward improving their submissions for the next audition.  Tapes submitted after the deadline will not be seen. Students will then learn how to take the notes given by “casting” and apply them toward their callback audition.

Each class will meet BOTH in-person for those in Los Angeles and virtually via Zoom for those outside of the city.

Ideal For: Students ready to become confident in their unique storytelling abilities and ultimately raise their audition-to-booking ratio.

Commitment: 4 classes for $260/month

Choose the day and time that works best for you below!

Commercial Acting Workshop

INSTRUCTOR: Bill Coelius

Commercial Acting class at Open City Studio tackles every necessary thing you need to know for your next commercial audition. Can I book a job quickly if I’m just starting out? What things can I do on set to ensure a future job? What’s the one thing I need to do in the callback to book? What are the three different kinds of commercials that create the three different kinds of auditions? How do I find an agent? There are absolute and practicable rules about commercial acting and script analysis that will help you book a national commercial. You can work fearlessly, and truly enjoy every audition. The commercial acting class at Open City Acting Studio will show you how. Commercial Acting is taught by Bill Coelius, a working actor for over 15 years and counting. Bill has booked over 50 national commercials, worked with Ang Lee, and has appeared on many TV shows including The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Criminal Minds, Parks and Rec, Modern Family, The Office, Desperate Housewives and many others, including American Horror Story: Hotel, where his throat was slashed by Lady Gaga, a career highlight so far.

Classes will meet online via Zoom.

Thrive: The Psychology of
Acting & Career Guidance


INSTRUCTOR: Dr. Nick Holton

Feeling worn down mentally by the business of acting and want to maximize your booking potential? Enroll and reclaim your artistic power! This is a unique class that NO other acting studio offers – this part of our acting essentials offerings is one that will be interactive.  Dr. Nick Holton to help guide you on your artistic journey and to unlock your unique potential.

Classes will meet online via Zoom.

Commitment: $260/month for 10 weeks.

Character Acting Essentials

Professional Acting Program

The Professional Acting Program is an 18-month conservatory centered around the revolutionary Meisner technique. Along with comprehensive movement, voice & speech, psychology, and commercial acting courses, this curriculum was expertly crafted to help students become the best actors they can be. Take advantage of the best online acting conservatory the industry has to offer from anywhere in the world! 

Meisner Only Program

Begin your journey into deep listening and working on the fundamentals of acting in a rock solid way. Studying the Meisner Technique enables you to take a script and know how to bring yourself to it fully, working in service to its needs. By taking this 18-month training online, you can more quickly wield your craft versus the intermittent on and off of doing workshops and six week acting classes over the course of many more years. Begin your journey toward becoming a respected successful actor with the Meisner technique today!

The Character Development Series

This series workshops will be broken into three classes, Intro to Character Development, Developing Historical Figures and Sourcing Character from Text.

Intro to Character Development

Instructor: Julia Crockett

Description: This introductory course explores how an actor may develop the physicality and mannerisms of a dynamic character that demands physical transformation. Over the course of the session, each student will be guided through the process of creating their own original character – and along the way they will acquire vocabulary, tools, and a potential approach or repeatable process that can be applied in the future. We will discuss the importance of sustainable and repeatable performance, stamina, and how to protect your instrument by using warm ups and cool downs designed for each character. This is a broad strokes class that will teach actors what to think about when creating compelling physicality and how to integrate it to become second nature.

Ideal For: Actors looking to create a foundational basis for creating characters for TV & Film auditions. 

Commitment: 4 classes/month for $260.

Developing Historical Figures

Instructor: Julia Crockett

Description: Using the tools introduced in the intro workshop, students will learn how to get more specific and create character based on someone was or is living. This may include historical or public figures. Actors will use images, videos and text observations to transform into the real person they are portraying.

Ideal For: Actors looking for intermediate level tools for creating characters for TV & Film auditions. Must have taken Intro to Character Development to join. 

Commitment: 4 classes/month for $260.

Sourcing Character from Text

Instructor: Julia Crockett

Description: This class will teach students how to extract clues about a character’s physicality from a script and what questions to ask when developing a character from a text. Students will select their own character to develop from a play, screenplay, novel, or short story.

Ideal For: Actors looking to pair their script analysis skills with advanced tools for creating characters for TV & Film auditions. Must have taken Intro to Character Development to join. 

Commitment: 4 classes/month for $260.

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Thank you for inquiring about our studio and the opportunity to audit a class. I would like to extend an invitation to our upcoming Open City Town Hall occurring every other Thursday @ 1pm PST. At the Town Hall, you will have an opportunity to take class with other potential students and receive answers to your most pressing questions. The Town Hall will run for 75 minutes via Zoom.

Preparation for the class is easy. I only ask that you bring a pencil, paper, and anything you’ve ever wanted to know about how to advance your career.

Once in class, if you’re open, we will work together to change the way you approach acting, auditions, and crafting for the better.

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