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Online Acting Classes

Take advantage of the best online acting school the industry has to offer from anywhere in the world! Have a day job? Not a problem. With our online classes you can finally get the acting training you’ve always wanted anywhere any time. Check out available classes below.

Intro to TV & Film Online

Instructor: Alani iLongwe, Victor Villar-Hauser, Clint Jordan

Cost: $260/4 weeks

Get a solid and practical way of breaking down material and sharing your brilliance. Get confident in telling stories and making fans in the audition room. This class will be structured to mirror real-world self-taping/audition scenarios. Students will receive audition sides via email 2-3 days before their scheduled class. It will then be their duty to use the skills learned in class to record their auditions and submit them back to “casting” (their instructor) by the designated time. Audition tapes received by the deadline will be reviewed in the class where notes will be given toward improving their submissions for the next audition.  Tapes submitted after the deadline will not be seen. Students will then learn how to take the notes given by “casting” and apply them toward their callback audition.

*In order to best serve our students, all enrollees new to OCAS are expected to begin here before taking on-going classes or conservatory programs.

Ongoing TV & Film Audition Online Classes

Instructor: Alani iLongwe, Victor Villar-Hauser, Clint Jordan

Cost: $260/4 weeks

Continue stretching your storytelling apparatus in this challenging yet rewarding class. Keep sharpening the practical tools that help you represent yourself to casting as the solution to their problem. 3 options to get online with instructors after sending in your self-tapes!


Instructor: Alani iLongwe, Victor Villar-Hauser, Clint Jordan

Cost: $360/6 weeks

A 6-week character development/scene study course designed to serve as an on going gym for the working actor. Through the rigors of scene work, students will fortify the tools necessary for creating vivid behavior that illuminates character in service of story. Through continued practice, students will mold a process for working that is unique to their instrument.

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