Virtual Voice-Over Classes

Intro to Voice Over Technique

Students will develop the technical skills necessary for building a sustainable Voice Over career. Students will learn how to properly identify the structural components of any voice over copy, how to identify the proper “read” that their copy requires, and the skills necessary to break down any copy towards making bold choices that will turn a simple voice over audition into a dynamic “ear grabbing” performance. Students will then apply their new skills to a series of live audition scenarios mirroring what they’ll experience in the real world.

 $260/4 weeks 

About your Instructor: Alani iLongwe (FKA Carlton Byrd)

VO Credits (abridged):

Radio: McDonalds, AT&T, Comcast, Kmart, and Verizon

Promo: Good Morning America’s Summer Concert Series (about 5 years)

Animation: Loud House, Casagrandes

Various ADR gigs and voice matching for Jamie Foxx, LL Cool, Ice T, and Richard T. Jones